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Thank you for visiting our website. We are excited to offer you information to aide you in helping your child with his/her articulation and language goals. On this site you will find downloads on ways that you as parents can help your child at home develop communication skills as well as helpful speech/language websites to increase your understanding and awareness of speech and language difficulties in the school aged child.

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Leanne Clarke, M.S. Licensed CA Speech/Language Pathologist
Leanne received her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from UCSB and her M.S. in Communicative Disorders from Utah State University. She has worked in Utah, New Mexico, and California in the school setting for the past 20 years with students PK-High School as a speech pathologist and teacher for Communicatively Handicapped Students.

WEB Links

***For activities to do with your child birth to age 6:


***For grammar games for elementary aged children:

***More online games for speech development:

***For articulation practice:

***For activities and info on apraxia:

 ***For worksheets and activities:

Helpful Speech and Language Downloads

Articulation_Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

Expressive Language Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

General Suggestions to Parents Regarding Speech and Language_Development

 Suggestions for Parents and Teachers of Children with Processing difficulties

Teaching Strategies that Help Students with Language Learning Disabilities

Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters

Ways to Help with Vocabulary

Artic Home Practice

 Language Activities for Home

Important Communication Milestones

Articulation – Age of Acquisition

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